Singletask Mac Tips

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Singletask has 3 views:
  1. List view: shows your lists and the Today list, which shows starred tasks.
  2. Task view: shows tasks from a list.
  3. Singletask view: shows one task at a time. This is where you work on tasks and complete them.

Gestures/Keyboard Shortcuts

List/Task view:
  • click a list/task to enter the next view (↩)
  • click and drag a list/task to reorder it or press the following to reorder the selected list/task: ⌥⌘↑ to the top, ⌘↑ up one row, ⌘↓ down one row, ⌥⌘↓ to the bottom
  • right-click a list/task to email/star (⌘E/⌘S), rename (⌘R), move (⌥⌘M), or delete it (⌫)
  • click a blank space to add a list/task (⌘N)
Task view:
  • click a completed task to mark it as incomplete (Space)
  • click Action menu > Clear Today List to unstar all the tasks in the Today List (when viewing the Today list) (⌥⌘⌫)
  • click View menu > Hide Completed Tasks to toggle visibility of completed tasks (⌥⌘H)
Task/Singletask view:
  • scroll left to return to the previous view (←)
Singletask view:
  • click the task to complete it (Space)
  • scroll right to skip to the next task (→)
  • click the timer to stop/start it (⌘/)
  • click and hold on the timer to reset it (⌘.)

Additional Information

iCloud sync: syncing works automatically when logged into iCloud and iCloud Drive is enabled. It may take several minutes for syncing to complete depending on Internet connection.

Menu bar status: when in Singletask view, the current task and time are displayed in the menu bar (can be hidden from the View menu). The following global shortcut keys are active when the menu bar status is displayed:

  • Mark Task as Complete: ⌃Space
  • Skip to Next Task: ⌃→
  • Start/Stop Timer: ⌃/
  • Reset Timer: ⌃.

Global quick add: press ⌘⎋ to quickly add a task from any app. Then press ↩ to save or ⎋ to cancel.

Convert text to tasks: copy multiple lines of text from any app, then in Task view press ⌥⌘V to paste them into Singletask as tasks.

* * *

Keyboard shortcut legend:

  • ⎋ Escape
  • ⌃ Control
  • ⌥ Option
  • ⌘ Command
  • ↩ Return
  • ⌫ Delete