Singletask iOS Tips

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Singletask has 3 views:
  1. List view: shows your lists and the Today list, which shows starred tasks.
  2. Task view: shows tasks from a list.
  3. Singletask view: shows one task at a time. This is where you work on tasks and complete them.


List/Task view:
  • tap a list/task to enter the next view
  • swipe left on a list/task to email/star, rename, or delete it
  • tap, hold and drag a list/task to reorder it
  • tap bottom blank space to add a new list/task
Task view:
  • shake your device to delete completed tasks
Task/Singletask view:
  • swipe right to return to the previous view
Singletask view:
  • tap the task to complete it
  • swipe left to skip to the next task
  • tap the timer to stop/start it
  • tap and hold on the timer to reset it

Additional Information

iCloud sync: syncing works automatically when logged into iCloud and iCloud Drive is enabled. It may take several minutes for syncing to complete depending on Internet connection.

Quick add: when adding a list/task, tap the Return button on the keyboard to quickly add another item. Tap outside the active row to hide the keyboard when done.

Remember: if you're in a pinch, just pinch (two-finger squeeze) to show these tips again.